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Simon Fitzpatrick Bass Fishing Guide

Simon Fitzpatrick – Bass Fishing Guide

Fishing has been my number one passion for as long as I can remember. I have always been fascinated with the underwater world and fishing is how I connect with it. Throughout my life I have fished up and down the east coast of Australia chasing everything from trout to marlin. My interest has motivated me to gain a science degree majoring in fisheries and aquaculture management. I have worked many years in tourism as a kayak/rafting guide and as a barra fishing guide  in Far North Queensland. Today it is our Australian freshwater native fish that continues to capture my attention.

Come join me on a kayak charter chasing the tenacious Australian bass in one of the most beautiful and pristine river systems in Australia. The bass here are fat, healthy and pound for pound one of the hardest pulling fish you will encounter. Our specially equipped Native Watercraft kayaks are the ultimate fishing tools for these waters.  Book your fishing charter at the Charter Bookings page today or feel free to call me for more information on 0409 760 380 or email

Simon Fitzpatrick

Bass Fishing Guide

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