Fishing the Tweed River

Join us as we target Australian Bass in the freshwater reaches of the Tweed River. Kayaking in one of our Native Watercraft is the best way to access this part of the waterway. Customize your guided tour by choosing from lure or fly fishing.

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 The Tweed River is a healthy waterway with a good population of Australian bass. Natural stock levels are boosted by escapees from Clarrie Hall dam. This ensures that good numbers of sportfish can be found year round. When fishing the Tweed River on a good day, one can expect to encounter plenty of healthy bass. Average sizes range from 36-42cm with the occasional larger specimen.

Fishing the Tweed River

Tweed River Scenery

Bass can be targeted with the usual array of flies and lures. Working shaded snags with lead eye clouser flies or small diving hard bodies during the middle of the day can produce the goods. Spinnerbaits and vibes worked in the deeper sections is also a productive method. Surface lures and flies in low light conditions make for some spectacular strikes.

Access for fishing the Tweed River in the freshwater reaches is limited to a small number of put in places. Outboard motors are not allowed in this pristine area so kayaks and canoes are the best options. On all our Tweed River Charters each client guides there own Native Watercraft for the day. With the ‘Slayer Propel 10‘ kayak you have the option to stand and fish. This gives the angler a higher vantage point and therefore the ability to visually find underwater structure where the bass are waiting in ambush. Standing also gives that extra casting distance, a valuable asset when lure or fly fishing. When seated, forward or reverse propulsion comes from pedaling and the hands are left free to fish. Make no mistake, these are the ultimate fishing machine for ‘skinny water’ fishing spots.

Fishing the Tweed River is an excellent option for those holidaying nearby at Tweed Heads or on the Gold Coast. Click HERE to book a tour or CONTACT US today for more information.